CnRKM Vol 5 Ch. 35

 Nanaten here wishing everyone a (belated) happy Valentine's day. Probably should've made the message the previous week, but just like everything else in this blog, everything is always one week late.

Speaking of something that I should've announced last week: I'll be doing a concert livestream this Sunday to celebrate my 2nd Vtuber Anniversary.

I say concert, but it's more like an over glorified karaoke stream. I didn't actually plan on doing any stream this week. I was supposed to be on a retreat with my school's faculty staff, but because of the constant rain, we had to cancel. And since I'll be (surely) busy starting next week, this week is the only chance. Also remembering that my Vtuber anniversary was one month late anyway, I see why the heck not.

Anyway, let's rewind back to the Valentine's Day video I made with a bunch of friends:

We did a Singles game night where we tried to play Red Flags, but the recording session was so scuffed, it took us over 2 hours just to setup the game. Of course we played another game in those two hours, so look forward to that video. We had fun during recording, so much that we're thinking of making it a regular thing.

Random stuff: I forgot to mention this last week when talking about Korean webtoon I've been reading recently: Lightning Degree/Master of the Lightning Knives. From what I heard, it's based on an old Korean webnovel that's highly popular there. I believe there was a talk to adapt it into a live action drama. I would love to see that, mostly because of the tropes and cliches in this series. It has a lot of familiar plot beats which for some reason, is really comforting for me. If you haven't read it yet, give it a go. 

About this chapter: this time, we have a chapter focused on Preya. We haven't seen him and Mr. Teim ever since they moved out Marciel's house into the Dark Dragons' house. And we actually get some characterization of Mr. Teim. I guess we can forget how he used to be an alcoholic who abandoned his family to pursuit space? That's the best part of Corseltel: fresh start for anyone living there.

So here's the new chapter. As usual, let me know if you find any error or mistake. Next week will be a Tobari update.

Corseltel no Ryujutsushi Koryu Monogatari Chapter 35: Read Online | Download 

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