Ake no Tobari Ch. 265-269 (and Peerless Dad Webtoon Universe review)

Nanaten here suffering from a slight memory lapse. I am certain I uploaded Ake no Tobari and Corseltel chapters on Mangadex right before the Nanaten Awards. But when I came back to it to upload another chapter a couple of weeks ago, some of my releases dating back to 3 months ago disappeared. Not just on Mangadex, but on MangaUpdates as well. I can understand the latest chapters as it contains some advertisements of the Nanaten Awards, but my whole releases for the past three months? Is there something wrong with my memory?

I've been reading a couple of Murim Korean webtoons recently. It all started with Peerless Dad, that I've been following for the past couple of years. For those who doesn't know about the series, it's about this ex-mercenary who became a single father when his wife passed away after giving birth to triplets. To provide for his family, he decided to become a gatekeeper at this martial arts society. Unbeknownst to others (himself included), he's actually pretty OP. So he reluctantly got dragged into this martial arts world yet still try to find time to be with his family. One thing that I really like about the series is that it mostly focuses on the characters and the family aspect of the story rather than the whole martial arts and qi nonsense. The latest arc kinda focused on the political aspect of the world, which for me was a bit of a turn off. But I'm really excited for the current arc.

And last month, I realized that the writer had other series set in the same universe. I was already aware of Red Storm before that, but I wasn't really interested in that. There're two other webtoon series that's actually set in the same universe: Governor Lee Kangjin, and Sunyu of the Shadowless. The former is more of a prequel to Peerless Dad featuring one of the Antagonists (?) as the titular character and the latter actually sets in the same timeframe as the main series. Governor Lee Kangjin did a great job at portraying the main character in a compelling way. I like the way how the MC develops in accordance to how he build relationships with other characters that feels genuine. And as a prequel, I'm looking forward to see how the MC progresses from a child psychopath into a calculating martyr as he's portrayed in the main series. Since Sunyu sets parallel with the main series, it actually has a few crossovers with Peerless Dad. The main draw for me is that I get to see different takes of the same events as they're portrayed in a different perspective and art style and character design. And it's actually fascinating how the action of the character of one series affects the other. It did its job as a spin-off series to build the world.

Other stuff: I've been watching a lot of old Top Gear clips on youtube recently. I actually pretty late writing this post because I got distracted from watching it too much. I really like the chemistry between Richard, Jeremy, and James and their antics and challenges. I wish I can develop a relationship like this.

I have been so busy with work that it essentially messed up my translation workflow and schedule for the past month. So I decided to hit total reset on upload schedule and just upload the two batches of Ake no Tobari chapters here. So here you go.

As per usual, let me know if you find mistakes or errors in the link. Next week will be a Corseltel Update.

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