CnR-KM Vol. 4 Ch. 28

 Nanaten here and Happy Pancasila day for Indonesian peps reading this. We're already at the middle of 2022 and I'm at the point of torching down my room.

Now let me explain: recently, there's a bed bug outbreak in my bed and those things are a pain in the butt (figuratively and literally.) I've been losing sleep because those things keep biting me both in and out of bed. I couldn't focus at work because the bug bites itches so bad. I kept scratching and scratching till my skin bleeds. Just writing about it makes my skin crawl again.

I've been spending my week cleaning my room, but some tiny bed bugs still remain. So you understand my sentiment.

Enough of that. This week's VOD is from my first IRL stream last week:

I was testing StreamElements' android app where you can stream using your phone and have StreamElements overlay and alerts. I've always wanted to try doing IRL stream and show off some cool places around my hometown. I actually planned on doing another IRL stream tomorrow. So look forward to that.

Next stream VOD is an art trade stream that I did with Amewa Takahashi. In the stream, we tried to draw each other's fanart/ Sadly, there were a bunch of issues with my end of the stream, from my OBS constantly crashing, audio issues, to my PC suddenly crashes multiple times. So if you want to watch this, I suggest to watch Amewa Takahashi's VOD's for the first one hour and then back to my stream archive at minute 41.

Speaking of streaming, tonight at 9PM (GMT +8), I'll be doing a livestream where I'll be playing GYEE on android. I hope, you tune in on the stream and just say hello.

 About this chapter: Must. Protect. Nata's. Smile. At. All. Cost.

Last week, I was spending my time translating volume 5 despite not finishing volume 4. CnR is the series that I always fall back to when I get so stressed from other projects. It's that old childhood friend you've always known your entire life. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for CnR. So for that, it'll always have special spot in my heart.

So here's the chapter. As usual, let me know if you find any error or mistake in the chapter. Also if you want to support me, there's a link to my Patreon and Ko-fi page. Patrons who pledge more than $3 get one-week early access to my latest translations. This week, we have Ake no Tobari chapters. Alright, I'll see you on the stream tonight.

Corseltel no Ryujutsushi Koryu Monogatari 28:
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