CnR-KM Vol. 3 Ch. 21

Nanaten here. So last week, my internet was down for a couple of days. By the time it was up again, it was already Thursday, so I had to delay this chapter for a week. On the other hand, I actually finished Tales of Arise and now lurking at Tales subreddit for Law memes, because Law is a good boi and there's nothing you can do to change that.

Speaking of games that I finished, on this week's (or rather, a couple of week's ago) VOD:

I finally finished One Hand Clapping (or rather, what's currently available on Steam Early Access). I had an enjoyable time playing this game. It makes me want to sing again. In fact, I finished record my parts for Twilight Night, so look forward to that. 

Random stuff: I also spent the week reading The Kurosagi Corpse Delivary Service. I don't know why I need to write about this now, but I don't think I'll have another chance to talk about this series. There's just something charming about the black humor in this manga. Such a shame that Dark Horse canceled the English translation. It had, hands down, the most detailed translation effort I've ever seen in a manga. So I decided to read the available Japanese raws, and I can see how this series is still going strong in Japan. There's a shake-up in the status quo that happened at volume 21 which kept the series fresh. I've never seen a large shake up like that in an episodic manga. Then again, the series has been running for almost 20 years.

About this chapter: ah screw it, it's just a short story collection, so let's just talk about the new Corseltel series. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD)
The Baby Dragons have grown up, AAAAAAAAAA!!!

I only read Koryu Monogatari up to volume 10. I read a couple of previews on Bookwalker, and that's it. It was April, when I heard about the announcement of the final volume of Koryu Monogatari. I was honestly surprised that the series ended. That and a bonus booklet that came with it that actually spoiled some stuff for me in regards of certain characters. In Koryu Monogatari, they had a couple of long story arcs that tied loose ends that has been there since the original series. When I heard of the final volume announcement, I thought that there weren't any more stories to tell. And how glad I was wrong about that, because Ayuma Isurugi-sensei announced a new Corseltel series. And for the first time ever, It's available to read on the Online version of Zero-Sum.

This new series is clearly aimed towards long time Corseltel fans. The first chapter of each incarnation of the series always acted as a soft reboot of sorts. They would re-introduce us to the setting and characters. But not in this one. The first chapter feels more like a third season premiere of a TV show. They didn't have to introduce the characters because the readers have already familiar with them, even as they grow older. And that's the premise of this new series: the baby dragons are now on their teens and set on their own adventure OUTSIDE OF CORSELTEL.

As of first chapter, only Sa-ta, A-ta, and Ta-ta are venturing outside

This opens to a lot of storylines. So far in the main series, we only had a couple of second hand information of the outside world from testimonies and flashbacks. We had a taste of outside world with Illbeck no Seireijutsushi. In that Spin-off, we had an interesting perspective of an outsider looking for Corseltel. And now, the dragons get to experience that first hand.

The art remains solid, it is what you expect from the series. I do like the new character designs. It really shows how the characters have grown. Even Marciel, who only appears in two panels. While in terms of outfit, they don't change much. The only noteworthy change is Sa-ta, who is now carrying a sword with his emblem and wearing glasses instead of headband. Fun fact: in the Drama CD of CnRM, Sa-ta was voiced by Junko Takeuchi, most famously known for voicing Naruto. So yeah, there is a parallel.

New Character, adding to what people already regarded as an extensive cast for a manga about dragon babysitters.

In the dragons journey, they are now alone. They are accompanied by Theod Cardell, a young son of a merchant tasked by a certain someone to aid the young dragons. However, Theod himself has a past and a secret of his own. He certainly is a nice addition to round up the cast for the new series. He sort of act as the audience's surrogate. It's always nice to see an outsider's perspective to an already established character dynamics. There's a scene where he remarks about how confusing the dragon names are. The overall mystery about his past is also intriguing. I can't wait to see how he would shake things up for the new series.

I've already finished the script and collected the raws for the first chapter. And I must say, obviously since it is a sequel, there are a bunch of spoilers of Koryu Monogatari and Illbeck. So I may only start working on this after I'm done with Illbeck and past a certain point of Koryu Monogatari, because it may confuse a bunch of people otherwise. Koryu Boukenki is published sporadically, due to Ayuma Isurugi-sensei's health issue. That being said, she recently has started her own twitter account where she would post updates on her condition and the series. She would also answer questions about the world settings and such. So please consider following her on twitter @isurugi0000000 and send your support.

And that's my first impression of Corseltel no Ryujutsushi Koryu Boukenki. Anyway, here's the Koryu Monogatari chapter. As usual, let me know what you think about the chapter in the Disqus section. Also let me know if you find any error or mistake. Next update will be Ake no Tobari.

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