Ake no Tobari Ch. 217-218

 Nanaten here. This month has been the busiest month I've ever been so far. I took a part time job as a livestream operator for a series of webinar at schools. I guess my Vtubing career is paying off. But I often find myself completely exhausted after I get home. To add, I had to take a civil servant exam for the upcoming month, I couldn't find a time to work on any chapter. I even had to put my Vtubing on hiatus. Silver lining: I do manage to get my sleeping schedule on track this time.

This week's video: a long time Ake no Tobari fan and a good friend, Robubead, created this beautiful Ake no Tobari AMV this week. Question: Does Kuize's death scene still count as a spoiler by this point?

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I mentioned at the beginning at I'm taking a civil servant exam. I am applying for a job as an English lecturer. I've been studying for the exam this couple of months, listening to audio materials and reading books and stuff. I somehow managed to pass the first screening and currently waiting for my results. The thing is, the job at another regency, meaning I would have to move to another place if I get the job. While the prospect is causing me anxiety, I can't help but to get excited as well, career wise. Fingers crossed, guys.

About this chapter: It is probably because of my first impression of him, but I wasn't a fan of Sanpo. When he first appeared, he was a demon who tried to hurt Tsumugi and Minori. And Tobari came along, and he is now treated as the dumb birb. But it seems that Momo Chidori-sensei likes to draw him, so he is more featured in the recent chapters and doodles. Even in the recent popularity poll, he was ranked third, right after Tobari and Reimei. And in the upcoming chapter, you will see why. This is as much as Sanpo's character arc as is Reimei's and Iwao's. So look forward to that.

So here're the chapters. Next week (hopefully) will be a Corseltel update.

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