Ake no Tobari Ch. 208-210 (+Bonus Illustrations)

Nanaten here. I was supposed to write these early, but I got distracted because I was watching Tales of series content (Zestiria and Phantasia in particular) because of the upcoming Tales of Arise release. I just finished watching Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike movie. Makes me want to finish the game (I stopped playing somewhere the "Intend to? I already have" scene.)

Random stuff: Currently I'm learning on how to make a 3D room in Unity for my VSF vtuber avatar. I spent the week looking for free assets online. I wanted to make a beach at first, but building a terrain and such is still too advanced for me, so I'll just stick to a small room for now.

This week's video: me and The Bonk Boat Crew had a VC session where we played a game of Gartic Phone. We had such a blast, we decided to play it for the next 3 days. This is the first two rounds of that session.

Speaking of which, I am also taking an online classes on how to be a Content Creator. I must say, I learnt some interesting stuff there. There's so much to learn if I want to start getting serious on becoming a content creator.

About these chapters: a couple of weeks ago, Ake no Tobari just celebrated its 300 chapters over at Comico. It's such a huge milestone for a weekly manga series. For comparison, Re:Life had 222 chapters there, not including the bonus chapters. If not for the support from fans alike, this would never happen. It's been seven years since Ake no Tobari first published. The exciting adventure and the lovable Tobari and Reimei, (even that PoS Magatoki) had captured the hearts of many readers worldwide. And it has always been my pleasure to be one to present you this story.

I singled out Magatoki in particular because of this arc, in particular regarding how he is connected to Reimei's flashback. Magatoki is such a chaotic villain for the lack of better term. At one point, I like how menacing he is, but on the otherhand, I just despise him for the suffering he constantly cause for anyone he interacts. Yet that itself is one part that I like about him. Even when he's offscreen, you can see how much his influence has on making life difficult on everyone, humans and demons alike. And this flashback cements that notion.

We already had a clue so early on what happened to Kakyo and how Magatoki might had something to do with it. And seeing that moment when all hope is lost in both Reimei's and Kakyo's eyes, was such a heart wrenching moment for me every time I read it. I really hope I managed to capture those moments well with my translation.

So here're the chapters. There's a bonus chapter Momochi Dori sensei put when they took a week break. I did not include a download link because it's just a compilation of illustrations from Momochi Dori's twitter account. Let me know how you feel about the story in the comments section, also if you find any error or mistake. Next week will be a Corseltel update.

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