Corseltel no Ryujutsushi Koryu Monogatari Vol. 3 Ch. 18

Nanaten here. Sorry I was late. I finally recovered from my cold last week. That means I can start working and recording again (which I did neither this week).

This week's video is a last minute short update I made yesterday to showcase my new Vtube model outfit for the summer.

I actually spent the whole week designing this whole assemble. It was a learning experience for me to design a whole costume from ground up (well I did took inspirations from quick google search and other vtubers). I originally planned to make a whole corn costume, but it would probably take a long amount of time on vroid. I was thinking that I could just slap a 3d model of a corn to my avatar, but I couldn't find a good corn model. So I decided to settle with a swim attire instead.

So yeah, I'll be streaming and making videos using this avatar throughout the summer. Speaking of which, I'll be streaming minecraft tomorrow at 9 am GMT +8 with Amewa Takashi. I've been a guest on several of his streams for a couple of weeks and we've been hitting it off. Tomorrow we'll be doing a little bit minecraft improv night (or morning depending on your timezone). If you have the time, feel free to stop by and watch.

About this chapter: I planned for this month to be about the Corseltel series. Koryu Monogatari has recently ended in Japan and next month there's going to be another sequel coming out. So to celebrate, I already translated a bunch of chapters, and I am planning a retrospective video series looking back on how the series meant to me. The script for the first video is done, just waiting for me to finally hit that record button.

Oh, and IMPORTANT NOTICE: Because of MangaDex currently doesn't support uploading zip files from dropbox, I am switching the download link to Mega.

So here's the chapter. Next week will be a Tobari update, celebrating 300 chapters (in Japan not in this blog, because, you know).

Corseltel no Ryujutsushi Koryuu Monogatari Volume 3 Ch. 18:
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