Kaiouki Vol. 11 Ch. 33


Nanaten here. I'll be visiting my parents for the next couple of weeks. So I'll be taking a break from streaming. But I still have a couple of chapters on my reserve, so we're good on translating end.

I really have nothing to say this week. I was listless to do anything. I was doing a little self-introspective. I notice that I have this behavior that some people may found inappropriate and people have been calling me out on that for the past week. I am thankful for them to point out my obvious flaws. However, now I'm too depressed to do anything for the week. Well, actually, that's not true. I've been translating a bunch of Corseltel and Tobari chapters to procrastinate on Vtuber and Cosplay videos. Those chapters are just waiting to be typeset. I'll probably do them either before or after I visit my parents.

So here is the chapter. Next week will be Tobari updates.

Kaiouki Volume 11 Chapter 33:
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