Ake no Tobari Ch. 205

Nanaten here. I had a whole opening about how my Vtuber and scanlation career keep intertwining and separated at the same time written but I hit refresh button on accident and it got deleted. I'm too lazy to write it again because all that frustration has been released already.

I had this feeling that my Vtuber career is going nowhere due to my lack of presence in social media. Anyway back to the video which according to my youtube analytics, none of you seems to be watching. The first video is an Among Us proximity chat session I did with the folks at Nexus SMP.

I recorded this back in April and it's the first time I ever did proximity chat. I've been recommending proximity chat to all my friends ever since, but they all said that it's such a hassle to set up. I got very annoyed by it.

The second stream I did was a Vroid stream where I tried to make a new outfit based on a canceled AKB48 vocal fan group I was a part of around 2018. But it was a fail, regardless what I said during the stream. I might have to redo the whole outfit on another stream.

Back to my opening statement earlier. I had this feeling that my Vtuber career and manga translation keep getting further away from each other recently. No matter how much I use one to promote the other, neither gets the traction I thought it would have. It's like Nanaten the translator and Nanaten the Vtuber are two separate entities. Which is why I'm thinking of starting again from the basics. I am currently working on a script for Corseltel no Ryujutsushi videos. It was meant to be one video, but I decided to separate it into several videos. 

Random stuff: I was at a local cosplay convention last week. It's the first cosplay event I attended since the pandemic and we were being extra careful. We were wearing mask and (tried) keeping our distance from one another. I tried to get some footage for a cosplay video, but the lighting wasn't too good and my hand was shaking the entire time. I had gotten rusty in making videos. Nevertheless, it was a good practice to get back in doing cosplay events.

About this chapter: the Reimei's backstory is probably my favorite part of Tengenro arc, but it's also my least favorite part because it tells the story of how Kakyo died. I still haven't finished the script yet because of how the chapters made me feel. Nevertheless, it is still my favorite arc.

So here's the chapter. Next week will be a Kaiouki update.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 205:
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