Umakawa Vol. 4 Ch. 18


Nanaten here. So I had fun playing Among Us with friends all week. You can check out our session over at Fox & Wolves youtube channel (Indonesian). Here's the first video of our sessions.

However, my first session didn't go as planned. The first time I tried to play with my friends, I scheduled a session and no one showed up. So to cheer me up, Hootowl64 decided to play Metal Gear Rising and allowed me to record him via discord. Here's the video of the first episode.

New episodes of each play through is coming in a few hours. However that means that I didn't have a time to do any chapters this week, so... yeah... whoops.

About this chapter: Welcome to Volume 4, a.k.a. the final volume, a.k.a. the one where every character gets killed. Almost the entire volume sets during WW2, so fair warning: brace yourself. I read this volume a couple of times before I started the series and I read more while working on it, yet it still managed to break me down to tears every single time. It's like one of those stories where you know what's going to happen but it still hit you like it's the first time you read it. Also if you haven't noticed, I decided to included the volume extra pages in the chapter as well instead of doing it separately at the end of the volume. I thought since it's the final volume, why not?

So here's the chapter, I'm supposed to be working on Tobari, but because of reasons above, I didn't have the time to do it. Also Momochi Dori sensei is taking a week/month break anyway, so I got a leeway.

Umakawa Volume 4 Chapter 18:
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