CnRKM Vol. 2 Chapter 15

Nanaten here, on top of Grey's Anatomy watch (I was on season 8 before our Netflix subscription expired), I was also up all night playing Captain Tsubasa. I don't like playing football video game growing up, but I have to admit this game is hella fun. It's funny watching football player got tackled and sent flying left and right. It's hectic and I love it.

This week's video: just me playing Beat Saber. Nothing more, nothing less.

About this chapter: I downloaded a new set of brushes to help me with some of the redrawings and boy does it help. I am not that good with cleaning. I just use spot healing tool and hope for the best. If you read the latest chapter of Umakawa, there's a panel where there was supposed to be a rifle, but thank's to my cleaning, it disappeared altogether. Sorry about that.

So here's the chapter. Next week is supposed to be the return of Umakawa, but I got caught on Captain Tsubasa, also the power at my neighborhood is constantly cut off at the moment.

Corseltel no Ryujutsushi Koryu Monogatari Chapter 15:
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