Ake no Tobari Ch. 169-170

Nanaten here. Happy Eid for Muslim peeps out there. I couldn't go back home to visit my parents because of another quarantine. So instead, we just had a (several) video call. On the other note, I've been watching early seasons of Bleach because my brother and I watched the live action adaptation on Netflix earlier this week. I recently have this hobby where I try to look for cuts where they go between shots using the stunt double and close up shots with the actors.

This week's videos: an animation trace of Rolling Girl featuring Tobari
a long time Tobari fan and a dear friend of mine, Robubead had been working on this video for months. He painstakingly rotoscoped the original video to make this slick looking animation. So I would love if you guys watch this, give it a like, share, and leave a comment there telling his that I sent you.

Another dear friend of mine, Sagashi will be releasing an album "Black Abyss" on August 13th. He dropped a teaser trailer for it a couple of days ago.
I'd appreciate if you guys give it a listen when it comes out. You can also check his soundcloud where he makes sick trap music.

So about this particular release: I ran out of chapters to release, so I'm currently working on the scripts. I'm currently translating the second chapter of T-Sensei's final volume so it'll probably take a while. Therefore, there won't be an update next week. I did promise to release the remaining two chapters of Ake no Tobari me and Mayu (and Eve) had finished before I dropped the series. So here you go.

With that in mind, I am also having second thoughts about dropping this series. After I released last chapter on Mangadex, I finally obtained the Pocket Comics app through a third party mean. Apparently only google play are region locked, the service itself is still accessible. If you followed me on twitter, you can read my first impression of the app and their translation of Ake no Tobari.

 I've been reading comments of how I shouldn't have dropped the series, and I've been spending several weeks thinking about it. Looking at the pacing, Pocket Comics won't reach to this point for at least one and a half year. But at the same time, I want people to support Pocket Comics. I'm at loss for what to do here. So let me know in the comments if you want to see this series be picked up again.

So here're the chapters. Once again, let me know in the comments. Thank You.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 169:
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Ake no Tobari Chapter 170:
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