Corseltel no Ryujutsushi Koryu Monogatari Vol. 2 Ch. 14 & Umarekawattemo Mata, Watashi to Kekkonshite masu ka? Vol. 3 Extra

Nanaten here. My brother and I spent the past week rewatching Leverage tv series. We tried to watch the Korean adaptation as well, but I sort of gave up after 6 episodes. After we watch the whole series, I will probably watch it again with audio commentary.

So this week, I turned 26. To commemorate, Robubead sent me this wonderful art.
Thank you, and if you would like to wish me a happy birthday, I accept gifts via Ko-fi and donations via paypal. Links are at the sidebar.

This week's videos: I was part of 124 singers collaboration for the 10th anniversary of Hello/How Are You. Can you find my voice among 124 singers in this video?

Second video is a My Hero Academia intro in Smallville Style I made last year.

I was working on an Abridged My Hero Academia project with my friends, Low Key Loki and Thundermuffin. You might recognized them from that Jojo Bizzare Adventure in a nutshell video where I had a small role in it. I pitched this video to them as the abridged series intro. The star billings in the video were placeholder, with each episode would have featured different characters with something witty written on it. As for the project itself, we did record the series pilot, but it never went past editing phase because of irl stuff (Loki was moving away, Thundermuffin was working on his Jojo abridged series, and I was doing whatever I was doing at the time). The HDD incident was the final nail on the coffin. All of the assets was stored in that drive, including assets for this video. The only remaining aspect of the project were this low res video I put on the project's discord and a voice recording for my MHA audio drama project.

About this chapter: I was meant to release the CnR-KM chapter last week, but when I saw the total pages for the Umakawa extra, I decided to combine both releases. Also I was watching Leverage and completely forgot to release it last week. This was the last CnR-KM chapter I worked on back in February. I started working on volume 2 when I was at my parents' house and was bored and found my old CnR files on my laptop. There's still two chapters left in the volume, so I will probably start working on that sometimes next month.

The same goes for Umakawa volume 4. I'll be taking the usual break from Umakawa for a month to prepare myself for the final volume. I'll still be working on the script on the mean time, along with some other series as well. And speaking of Umakawa, I still haven't found a way to read Miku Morinaga's new series, Kimi no Koe, due to region block. I actually tweeted her about it, and she suggested that I should wait for the volume 1 release. Luckily the series seems to be a weekly series, so it will probably be released sometimes within this year.

Random note: I've been using my brother's Grammarly account to proofread the scripts, Let me know your thoughts about the script in the comments below. Next week, probably something special because I ran out chapters to be released.

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