Corseltel no Ryujutsushi Koryu Monogatari Vol. 2 Ch. 12

Nanaten here. My sister made me watch Dynasty reboot on Netflix. Such shame that Empire isn't on Netflix as well..

This week's video is actually pretty special. I got pinged on Mavi Manga's discord server saying that one of the members created an interesting game. So I immediately called a couple of friends to play it with me.
I was so excited to play this game and upload it immediately, I tried to use Davinci Resolve to edit my video because my premiere pro isn't working anymore now that I upgraded my computer setup. It was pretty fun using Davinci's DAW to edit. I might be considering switching to that program from now on.

About this chapter: I don't really know what to say about this chapter. This is a rather short one, only 8 pages. I would love to have something else to accompany this update. But it'll always be a pleasant story. Plus, if you think this update is too short, you can always watch the video about. I'm sure it'll be an entertaining let's play.

So here's a rather short Corseltel update. Let me know if you find any error or mistake. Next week will be a Tobari update.

Corseltel no Ryujutsushi Koryu Monogatari Volume 2 Chapter 12:
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