2019 Commission First Batch: Shura no Mon Vol. 8

Nanaten here with the first batch of the second commission period. This volume is commissioned by username Mutsu. Is it a coincidence that the first time I did a translation commission, it was also for Shura no Mon?

It's good to finally back translating this series. I never had the motivation to translate this until I bought the volumes at a bargain sale a couple of years ago. My translation flow wasn't as fluid as I have now. While I still rely on google translate and such, I think I am finally capable to convey the context of each sentences.

There's something appealing about the changes in Indonesian translation of Shura no Mon. For starter, the title was changed to Ashura, Tsukumo was changer to "Paddy", the four devas are also changed but I'm not gonna go into that. The one that got the most was the "Paddy" name. In the Indonesian version, "Paddy" has no last name, so the translation refer both "Tsukumo" and "Mutsu" as "Paddy". So there were instances like "Paddy learn the Paddy martial arts" all around the series. It's frustrating, yet amusing. I really want to talk to the one in charge of the translation all those years ago, Asep Mulyadi. If anyone knows how to contact him, please let me know.

Also a caution: I go back to using the Japanese names for the attacks instead of English names, because it's faster this way and to match previous translations.

So here's the first batch of the commissioned volumes. I'm currently working on the second batch. Please contact me if you would like to put up a commission yourself. Next week will be a single T-Sensei update.

Shura no Mon Volume 8:
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