Umarekawatte Mo Mata, Watashi To Kekkon Shite Kuremasu Ka Ch. 8

Nanaten here watching this season's line up of anime and tv shows. A friend of mine recommended Houkago Saikoro Club and I must say, watching high school girls playing real tabletop games is appealing.

So earlier this week, Indonesia's Chief of Security was stabbed. Weirdly enough is not that Chief of Security was stabbed, it's the weapon used during the attack. Apparently the perpetrators used a friggin' kunai for the attack. Huh.

I also pray for the safety of the people in Japan during the events of the hurricane. I heard it is one of the biggest hurricane to hit Japan compared to last year.

About this chapter: So another pivotal character is introduced. It's Toranosuke's older brother, Ryunosuke. He was mentioned back in chapter 6 and he finally makes his appearance in this chapter. He is the most important person in Toranosuke's life because he made what Toranosuke is in the future (or present? I always got these two confused in this manga). I kind of wished I uploaded this chapter in April 10th, the same date as Toranosuke's birthday.

So here's this week's chapter. Let me know in the comments if you find anymistakes in my translation. No update next week for I am preparing to hold a seminar.

Umarekawatte Mo Mata, Watashi To Kekkon Shite Kuremasu Ka Chapter 8:
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