Ake no Tobari Ch. 156 & T-Sensei Vol. 6 Ch. 32

Nanaten here would like to express my condolences towards the passing of B. J. Habibie, the third president of Indonesia. His contributions for the country is astounding despite having reigned the shortest office term. People will always remember him.

Good news: My brother upgraded his phone which means I got his old phone. Now I am able to play Pokemon Masters rip Ake no Tobari raws again. I'm so happy to finally able to catch up with the series after one year. Now I don't have to look at my twitter and spoiled by Robubead with his (oh so beautiful) fanarts and AMVs. Also I found a different way to rip the raws. It's a little runabout, but it's less frustrating without having to play jigsaw puzzle every chapter. Comico is also a little generous with giving free points for me use to rent the chapters, so that's nice. Wish I had my 40 free read tickets I saved years ago.

Bad news (if you missed last week's post): NHN Singapore have decided to close Comico Indonesia service at the end of the month. I feel somewhat responsible for this, I have to admit. I never used the service since my phone was stolen. Heck, I barely used it before then. There's something about their point system that turns me off in comparison to the Japanese version. And since I was already using the Japanese version, I don't see what was the point of having two versions of the same app. Then the Indonesian Comico started to publish original series, like the comic version of Buffalo Boys, I was intrigued, but then my phone was stolen and I was unable to use my previous phone to open the app without it freeze and crash every time. So I refrained myself from using both Comico app for a year.

When the news was announced just a week before Comifuro, then it hit me: I will never visit their Comifuro booth ever. I had my former housemate to visit their booth and get me some Comico merchandise. I still have Mii-kun and Coni pins from Comifuro two years ago. It's been my dream to go there, visit their booth, telling them of how much I love Ake no Tobari (and probably getting caught in the process). And to hear that I will never have the chance to do that devastates me. I really wish this isn't the end for Comico in Indonesia I wish the staff for the best.

About this week's chapters: usual shout-out to Eva (and Mayu) for the always keen cleaning and typesetting (also for pointing out that I missed an entire page on Ake no Tobari. That was a close call). I really should update the index page. Why do I always forget about that?

So here're the chapters. I'll be taking a break next week to work on the raws and the scripts.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 156:
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T-Sensei Volume 6 Chapter 32:
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