Umarekawatte Mo Mata, Watashi To Kekkon Shite Kuremasu Ka Ch. 6

Nanaten here blasting the new Smash Bros mix of Megalovania on loop the past couple of hours. I'm also very excited of Deadly Premonitions 2. It came out of nowhere and I'm so stoked that Swery is back directing the game. Then I realized I don't have a Switch. I hope there will be a PC port of the game.

This week's video: est's cover of You're in My Fluffythough
A few days ago, someone shared this cover on Youtaite discord server and reminded me to an argument I had last year with a fellow Youtaite (now retired). Here I thought, "Yes, someone to join our Alpaca faction. DOWN WITH THOSE WRETCHED LLAMAS!!!"

News: it was announced earlier this week that NHN Singapore is shutting down Comico Indonesia service at the end of the month. Despite almost never using the service, It is still such a sad news for me. The Indonesian translation of Ake no Tobari is about to catch up with my current English translation and there's actually some good original webmanga available there. And to see that I'll never be able to read those series again, just makes me so sad. Thankfully, the Japanese Comico is still available along with other languages. I just hope to be able to read those series in other platforms.

Speaking of which, Comic Frontier 13 is currently in motion and I found myself yet again unable to attend this year. I couldn't afford airplane ticket so I'm just going to spend my weekend at my house watching my friend's livestreams of the event and whatnot.

About this chapter: shout-out to Thebenefactor for sharing the Pixiv raws so I can continue working on this series. There's nothing much I can say about this chapter really. I found a pattern in this series of how it toys with my emotion. It's like, one lovely chapter about the couple, and then followed by a chapter that punch me in the feels, and then a mix of the two, where it starts lighthearted and then hits me at the final pages with the reality of the situation. It keeps toying with my emotion that by chapter 9, I'm starting to get cynical when they show happy moments every time. I was just sitting there with my suspicious eyes wondering where's the next gut punch will be coming from.

As you already know, final Umakawa chapter will be published this month on Pixiv. While I'm not ready to say goodbye to the characters yet, I'm excited as what to Miku Morinaga has in store for her next series. She's currently working on illustration for the 4th and final volume cover of Umakawa.

So here's new Umakawa chapter. Please let me know in the comments if you found any errors and mistakes. Next week will be T&T update.

Umakawa Chapter 6
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