T-Sensei Vol. 3 Ch. 13

Nanaten here. I have caught up with TFS's DBZA (including the movies) and now have jumped into MasakoX's "What if" fanfics. Seriously, how good is Dragon Ball R&R? The only problem I have with it is that Masako somehow made Vegeta worse father than Goku.

This week's video, my cover of Gekkou by Onitsuka Chihiro:
Trick is inarguably my favorite Japanese Television drama. I discovered the series back when I was in high school. My ringtone back then was Antique Mystic from the original soundtrack and a voice clip from the first episode. I have watched every installment of the series except second season of Yabe Kenzo spin-off series. I just love this series so much. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it, especially of you are Nakama Yukie and Abe Hiroshi fan.

I have dreamed of singing this song since high school. There is just something so emotional about this song (or any Onitsuka Chihiro song in general). And to finally be able to sing it and share it brings me joy. I recorded this back in December. Summer, the mixer, was looking for something to practice mixing with. As I was lacking skill to mix back then (as I still am today) took that opportunity and gave him the files. I planned to release this back in January, but it got blocked in soundcloud so I was reluctant to upload it on Youtube. I planned to make a full music video of it, but since my phone was stolen last month, I decided just to make a looping video like I did with Let Me Know cover. I did make a mistake with the japanese subtitle on the video where it keeps saying "I am GOD'S CHILD 哀しい音は背中に爪跡を付けて" instead of the original lyrics. That was an error on my part during editing and only realised after the video is up.

On cosplay side: I am currently working on Hypnosis Mic cosplay project with some of my friends. Unfortunately I was too late for the bandwagon and the wig and costume are already unavailable for purchase, so have to figure that one out of my own. Hopefully the costume will be ready sometimes next month or two.

About this chapter: Thank you to Eva from Mavi Manga for the cleaning and typesetting. So yeah, T-Sensei is back with more hijinks with the kids. I am excited to get back to this series, since some people on mangadex assumed that the series ended on volume 2 because of that status column. No, there's still 4 more volumes of T-Sensei. This volume is leaning towards melancholic later down, but it is still entertaining. Some of the jokes, like in this chapter, might be lost in translation, like "Busu" and "Booth" joke. I don't know if I could pull it off like Yen Press's translation of Father and Son manga. But I will try my best.

So here's T-Sensei and his adorable students. Sorry if it is only one chapter. I already sent the entire volume to Eva and she's doing her best while also working on Ake no Tobari. I hope she's doing okay.

T-Sensei Volume 3 Chapter 13:
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