Ake no Tobari Ch. 131

Nanaten here. I am somehow managed to get out of MHW purgatory and somehow got myself in the Dragon Ball Z Abridged Marathon realm (how good is episode 60B?). Even Magatoki is looking at me pitifully.

New semester has started, which means I have to start working on my thesis. Hopefully that won't mean I would have to do this less. But who am I kidding? This is the only source of income I have now that I've given up on advertising.

And for this week's video: the less cringe mix version of our round 1 LSCB entry. Our team was eliminated at round two (thank you for the judges for the comment on my mix. Really help). This video was my mix back during round one that wasn't submitted because the team literally asked me three hours before the deadline. I probably should have spend more time on this after that but hey, I never said it was good. Anyway, watch it at your own risk.

About this chapter: Special appreciation to Eva from Mavi Manga for the cleaning and typesetting. Back when I sent the script, I missed a couple of pages, so the beginning was shifted by two bubble speeches. Luckily, she managed to catch up on that and informed me. Took me a couple of hours to fix those parts myself. But on the plus side, I have slight better understanding of cleaning with Photoshop and more appreciation to the her cleaning work.

So here's Ake no Tobari chapter 131. Unfortunately, chapter 132 isn't done yet, so next week I'll be updating other series.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 131:
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