Ake no Tobari Ch. 129

Nanaten here! I enjoyed reading everyone's reaction to last chapter about how Reimei and Tobari are bounded to each other by soul. But one quick question: at what stage of childhood Tobari was when Reimei's soul was bound to his. Because I'm pretty sure Tobari was still at Botai Cavern when that happen. Tobari could've devoured Reimei's soul by mistake. He did spit those souls out once he left the cavern, but my point still counts.

This week's videos: this week marks the final episode of my Insurgence demo playthrough. You can check out the full playlist here.

At the beginning of the video I made message promoting of a project I've been a part of. I voiced Teruteru Hanamura for UnicornKara's Super Danganronpa 2 fandub project. I was casted back in June and I am so excited to finally share this project with everyone. The cast and crew of this project are great and spectacularly talented people. I feel so lucky to be able to become a part of this amazing project with these amazing people. You can check the first episode of the fandub here:
We're currently in the midst of recording the second episode. Please watch it and maybe leave a comment there saying that I send you.

Anywaythe third video this week was sort of a last minute. I delayed the release of this post just to include this video here:
So today is the day of our Fate/Grand Order cosplay performance. I am in charge of directing, sound editing, and video editing after our executive producer basically left me in charge. So I decided to go all out (sorta) and make an opening movie to play at the beginning of our performance. I pulled an all nighter to finish this movie last night, so I'm terribly exhausted.

About this chapter: special shout out to Eva from Mavi Manga for the spectacular cleaning and typesetting (spectacular, that's the word I was looking for). So in this chapter, the dragon told something to Reimei about Tobari's condition that seems to anger Reimei. When I saw that rage face Reimei was having, I can imagine how Tobari was scared of him back when Reimei was chasing after him for trying to avoid him.

Also sorry, but no download link for this chapter. That opening movie has left me exhausted. Not only that, but during the event I am also selling my burgers to make up for the reckless spending these couple of weeks. It took me two hours just to prepare ten mini double cheeseburgers. So unfortunately, there will be no new chapter next week as I'll be taking a week break after the event is over. Speaking of which, Momo Chidori sensei is also taking a break for this week. What  a happy coincidence. He also drew this adorable Minori and Tsumugi in sailor uniforms
Ake no Tobari Chapter 129:
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