Ake no Tobari Chapter 112

Nanaten here. Thank you for your comments over this past week. That was the most comments I have in a week. I would also like to apologize about last week. If you're reading Ake no Tobari on manga aggregator websites like Kissmanga, you might notice that chapter 111 only contains the credit pages. Believe it or not, that wasn't Kissmanga's fault. That was totally on me. Back when I uploaded on Mangadex, I put the chapter file on a separate folder and the credit pages outside of that folder. Batoto was able to detect the chapter images and the credit pages just fine, but Mangadex can't seem to do that just yet. Mangadex could only detected the credit pages and only showed that. I have resolved that issue by re-uploading said chapter. Again, I humbly apologize.

This week has been the busiest I've ever had. My sister asked me to translate a summary of her paper but what she didn't tell me is that the summary was actually her entire academical journal. It took me my entire weekend just to translate eight pages of grammatically incorrect psychology research journal. I wasn't even get paid for it, but at least I got a pass to smack her in the back of the head. There's also my paper for Discourse Analysis class where I had to spend the entire night transcribing a one hour EDH Commander match. So those activities had left me tired and I spent the past two days sleeping. That's what you get for procrastinating.

Random stuff: my brother had pointed out recently that ever since I bought my new (used) phone, I rarely move from bed anymore. And he was right. I barely get exercise anymore and I keep sleeping in. Even my dad who came to visit last week said I only spend time in front of my computer, which is located so close my bed I use it as my seat. Oh and speaking about my phone, recently I've been using the lens feature on Patreon app to post some WIP stuff on the weekend. So if you followed me on patreon, you can see which chapter I am currently working on.

Not so random stuff: Today is Day 1 of Comifuro in Jakarta. Unfortunately, I could not attend as airplane ticket is so expensive and I just spent my entire savings on that phone. So instead, I ask my friend and former housemate to send me pictures of Comico booth there. If you are currently in Jakarta, please check out Comico Indonesia's booth. Hopefully, there will be a Mii-kun mascot there. I never said this, but please support the Indonesian translation of Ake no Tobari by reading it on Comico Indonesia's app and give every chapter a like. Old chapters are free to read,  so give it a try.

This week, there is no new episode of Citrus Plays, but I do have a new cover of vocaloid song:
So the story behind this is a couple of weeks ago, I and a couple of friends had an argument  about which is better, alpaca or llama? I was the only one on the alpaca faction. I mean look at those fluffy fur! To prove my point, I decided to make a cover of this song. I got into electric swing a couple of months back and this song is right on my jam. I had fun singing this song. I'm still having trouble with mixing and other music stuff like harmony, and ad-libbing. But I am willing to improve.

Also, I just reached 100 subscriber this week, yay! Who knew that #100subs4nanaten campaign and putting your channel link on the credit page would work. Thank you for subscribing and I promise for more variety of content for anyone. Now time for putting #1000subs4nanaten campaign in action.

About this chapter: cleaning this chapter was a nightmare (thanks, Mujina). I mean, 10 pages I had to clean and redraw. Couple it with my sister's paper, it was sayonara to my sleep and weekend. Thankfully next chapter won't be that taxing.

Anyway, here's the beginning of Tobari and Reimei vs. Mujina. Next week, a mix of cute and action packed chapter.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 112:
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