Ake no Tobari Chapter 111 & Tekken Chinmi Gaiden Vol. 3 Ch. 2

Nanaten here, almost forgetting that I have to do an update. As you can see from the image above, I have picked up Tekken Chinmi Gaiden as a project to fill the slot for the second monthly sponsored chapters. When I first browsed Tekken Chinmi mangas at my local manga rental store, I discovered the first volume of Gaiden. I thought that was a one-shot kind of thing. Then last year, I discovered Takeshi Maekawa's twitter account (or an official Tekken Chinmi twitter account, I honestly couldn't tell), and I found out that there are four volumes for this series. So back when I was doing the commission thing, I decided to translate this as a bonus. Never quite finished it until two weeks ago. But unfortunately, this might be the last time I do it. Let me explain why:

Right after I uploaded this chapter on my cloud, I discovered on Manga Updates that Harudaki Scans had picked up EVERY TEKKEN CHINMI manga, including Legends and Gaiden, since I went on hiatus last year, yet nobody told me. For a day I was wondering about what should I do. Should I keep going, or should I drop these projects altogether? The thing is, I can't seem to find where Harudaki put their chapters (were they subscription based? I have no idea) and I still have one chapter left in Legends volume 14. So I'll do that before moving on. Don't worry, I am not planning to drop Legends yet.

Random stuff: I recently listen to Hamilton musical album (I know, right?) and I can't seem to stop listening to it. So I have been watching Hamilton animatics and the cold I'm having right now luckily covers my tears (yes, I have a mild cold yet again).

Another announcement:
Our "My Hero Academia" Cosplay Photobook is now available for preorder until Monday. Just go to Instagram or Facebook and PM to make your order. I don't know if the guy takes international shipping, but you can always ask.

As per usual, this week on Citrus Plays, I played the English-patched version of Retro Game Challenge 2 (also known as Game Center CX: Arino no Chousenjou 2 in Japan), a game based on my favorite Japanese TV show. There's an intro at the beginning of the video, so check it out:

It was at this moment of writing that I realized that so many comics and manga got canceled this week: DC announced that Super Sons is canceled, Jump canceled Golem Hearts (I don't care about the other manga that got canceled alongside it), and now my translation of Chinmi Gaiden. There's also that whole Youtube Partner thing, but I'm not particularly saddened by that since I barely make money on Youtube. Just another failed platform, I guess.

So here are this week's releases. Let me know in the comments what you think. And I'll see you next video week.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 111:
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Tekken Chinmi Gaiden Vol. 3 Ch. 2:
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