Ake no Tobari Ch. 106

Nanaten here wishing everyone a (belated) Happy New Year. I have finally recovered from my cold that I got on Christmas so I can get to translate again. Or it should've been, but now I got the Holiday procrastination (that, and I accidentally busted the space key of my keyboard after my attempt to clean it). I should be able to get back on my feet tomorrow. But not before a couple of things I have to say, if you haven't been following my twitter (or facebook page) for the past couple of weeks. Starting with one thing I forgot to mention during holiday updates:

I only recently have found out that there is an official Comico app in Bahasa Indonesia.
Comico had officially become available in Bahasa Indonesia since October and I only hear about it. All popular titles from Comico Japan, Korea, and Taiwan have become available to read. Needless to say, Ake no Tobari is also one of those titles. Which means, Ake no Tobari now has official English title.

If you pay close attention to my holiday releases, you can see that I changed the title into Dawn of Tobari. Early release of Ake no Tobari also use this title. But, back then, we had a poll whether I should use "Dawn of Tobari" or "Tobari of the Dawn". And as you can see, I went with the latter. And since we actually vote for it, I'm thinking of sticking to it (besides, I got so used to it, when I tried to use "Dawn of Tobari" it felt off). It also serves as my personal watermark. What do you think? Should I revert back to "Dawn of Tobari" or should I stick to "Tobari of the Dawn"? Let me know in the comments.
This week, I finally got my Reimei cosplay pictures. I can only cringe of how it turned out. Even though I have been cosplaying for 5 years, I have never actually gone to a photo session before. I have only made cosplay videos so this is the first for me. It was at that moment I realized that cosplay video and cosplay photo are two different thing.
I have now take it as my new year's resolution to work on my facial expressions (and enunciations).

As for my youtube channel, I recently became worried about it being slowly turning into a let's play channel. I mean, I have nothing against let's plays. But the whole point of my youtube channel is to show people random things I did. Because that's what Citrus Project is about: me doing random projects. For that purpose, I decided to use all of my savings to purchase a camera phone (again) next month. Hopefully, I'll be motivated to record cosplay videos again.

Speaking of which, my new year's resolution for 2018:

  1. Work on facial expressions and enunciations.
  2. Learn about animation/mixing/composing
  3. Be less of a jerk
  4. Actually finish projects that I started back in 2017
  5. Cosplay at different city
  6. Create more variety of content for everyone to enjoy
  7. Get ads running in this blog
About this chapter: I think the reason why this arc is so popular is that it concluded pleasantly. There is no hatred, there is no animosity, nor there is grudge by the end of this arc. Just people who care so much for Tobari. It's just a pleasant arc in general.

So here's the first update of the year. Thank you for sticking with me in 2017 and I wish everyone a wonderful 2018. Next week, return of the long awaited series (probably).

Ake no Tobari Chapter 106

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