Ake no Tobari Ch. 52-54

Nanaten here. After a full month of delay, it's finally here. Special thanks to Hayal from Mavi manga for the amazing cleaning and typesetting.

So I spent the week playing Tales of Berseria this time. Here's my review: Tales of Berseria managed to improved most of the aspects Tales of Zestiria did wrong: free-run is now available from the start, you can rotate the camera during battle (I have no issue with it before, but I've seen people complained about it), maps are now not just a pile of land of nothing, the battle animation is clearer now (now I don't have to mash buttons to see my combo connects. Well, I still mash button but you get the point.), party members leave from time to time but not permanently (looking at you, Alisha!), the soul gauge system is fun compared to stamina system (done right, Magilou's soul blast is OP). As for the story, it managed to be its own story rather than just being Zestiria prequel. I probably should make a separate review, ain't I?

That being said, I still enjoy Zestiria. Thankfully the anime did the game justice (That's what my friend told me. Still haven't watched it.). I'm thinking of playing it again. Either that or Symphonia. And I still haven't finished Phantasia.

So here's last month's sponsored chapters. Next week will be this month's double chapters (if I manage to remember to do it. I'm still in the middle of EX Dungeon of Berseria).

Chapter 52.
Chapter 53.
Chapter 54.

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