Ake no Tobari Ch. 40

Nanaten here with an announcement. Comico just recently did a site renewal. All of their webmanga's can only be read through their app and it is pay-per-read. This means that I cannot rip the raws from my PC anymore. For details, check out Whiteout Scans post here.

Fortunately, I managed to rip up to chapter 59 before the renewal, so I can still work on that. So no problem will occur for the next two months release. Starting from chapter 60, I will use raws from other language (Korean, Taiwanese, or Thai). I still haven't decided which raws I will use. I'll still use the Japanese version as reference.

About this chapter: when translating the bird's lines, I kept imagining him as a demon redneck.

So here's Japanese version of Ake no Tobari. Next year, we might be seeing Korean, Taiwanese, or Thai Tobari. Oh, by the way, next week is double chapter week.

Chapter 40.

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