Ake no Tobari Ch. 38.5

Nanaten here preparing for December. It's the second part of double release. It's an intermission chapter. Sorry if you are disappointed.

Random stuff: Citrus Project is participating in Japan Korea Exporia 4 this year. During the meetings, I was representing Citrus Project as the founder and sole member. It's really hard to explain what exactly is Citrus Project to my colleagues irl. And I'm pretty sure you are confused as well. Because I never actually put Citrus Project name in the credit page and all links actually goes to my personal pages.

I think it's best to refer Citrus Project as my personal label. Whenever I do something, I'd like to slap Citrus Project label on it. Back then, I thought it was cool (and it still probably is). Hopefully, this would address some of the confusions.

About this chapter: this chapter actually released in place of chapter 39 at Comico that week. I once mentioned that "Phantom of the Night" was the one-shot for this series. I decided not to translate that because it was fully adapted on the first two chapters with better graphics and additional scenes in between. You can try to compare it here. I only translated the serialization announcement.

Here's the double-ish release of Ake no Tobari. Next week, we'll pick up from previous chapter's cliffhanger.

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