Monthly Shonen Magazine June Issue

Nanaten's Random Friday

It's that time of the month again (I need to stop making this kind of joke). The site got updated earlier than expected. One new series started serialization in this magazine and I still don't have access to Kawahara Masatoshi's new manga. Sumire Suou (Sayonara, Watashi no Kurama) is on the cover.

Lineup (06/05/2016)

  • Farewell, My Cramer (Naoshi Arakawa)

    Think the premise of Haikyuu. Now genderbend that and change it to football setting. Add a little Naoshi Arakawa in it and you will have this manga.
    It's about two girls, Sumire Suou and Midori Soshizaki, who are rival in football back in middle school. Sumire is kind of a loner and because of that, she lost to Midori's team. They both promised that they will play football for the same team. Turns out, they entered the same highschool.
    While both have the same skills, they have polar personalities. Sumire is a loner and uptight, while Midori is cheerful. I kinda like the chemistry between the two.
    I just confirmed that this manga is available simulpub on Kindle and Comixology for $1.99.
    By the way, what is a Cramer?
  •  Ryusui no Tsubasa: Shiki Ryuko Seike Iden (Masatoshi Kawahara)
  • 70 pages I'll never gonna read.
  • Convenience Store Lady (Asumu Matsumoto)

    Our lady is craving for some cup noodles and decided to combined it with beef jerky
  • Noragami (Adachitoka)
  • Kuro Ageha (Atsushi Kase)
  • Mashiro no Oto (Marimo Ragawa)

    Natsu got scouted by a record company.
  • Kakushigoto (Kouji Kumeda)

    Tired of changing his attire, Kakushi decided to wear each half.
  • Dear Boys Overtime (Hiroki Yagami)
  • Ponkotsundere na Osananajimi (Reona Umitsuki)

    It's lunchtime at school and Sanae decide to give Shouta bread (crumbs).
  • Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku (Nishio Ishin & Yo Asami)

    A jumper fell on Yakusuke (literally). But, was it really a suicide attemp? Also, Kyoko's cast fetish.
  • C. M. B. (Motohiro Kato)
  • A woman on her vacation in Hawaii saw a murder in a hut next door Disturbia style. However, the police didn't find a body. Our duo is on the case.
  • Chikuwa Machi no Susume (Naoki Hirano)
  • Haru yo, Kuru na (Bin Kusamizu & Mayo Hamazaki)
  • Suzuki and co. are doing their research and later discovered the value of life. First volume will be out on June 23rd.
  • Tekken Chinmi Legends (Takeshi Maekawa)
  • Jintan-Bikei-Chinmi vs Chinese Ninjas. Volume 20 will be released May 17.
  • Milk for Bandits (Yuki Kanome)
  • The comedy pair is trying to come up with a sketch that ends with a pair of socks.
  • Sora no Platanus (Taro Nami & Sanbanchi Kawa)
  • Bocchi Album (Satoshi Yamaguchi & Takeshi Hirai)
  • The gang is visiting Noko's house.
  • Kin no Kanojo Gin no Kanojo (Maruboro Akai)
  • A childhood friend appeared.
  • Ryuroden (Yoshito Yamahara)
  • Pumpkin Scissors (Iwanaga Ryotaro)

  • A chapter from enemy intel's PoV.
  • Meshi Neko (Wasabi Kimura)
  • Collaboration with NicoNico about a gourmet cat.
  • Shin Kamen Rider Spirits (Ishinomori Shotaro & Kenichi Muraeda)