Ake no Tobari Ch. 13

Nanaten here, celebrating one year of Citrus Project. One year has passed since I restarted translating manga. During the course of that one year, things have happened. I finished my first series (albeit terribly), released my first (terrible) cover album, made my (terrible) patreon page. Basically earned my status as a (terrible) amateur translator.

There're many things I wanted to say, but I remembered I already said it back in new year's day. So in addition to that, I just want to say thank you for your support for the past year. Without your constant comments, I might not be able to go on and be what I am today, a self-titled (terrible) translator.

As for my plan for the next year, I think I'll keep going with this. And if things go well, I might consider getting an editor/translation checker (provided you're okay with working for free).

Random stuff: this week I decided to read Scott Pilgrim. Out of all characters, Wallace is my favorite. As Scott's sidekick, I must say he's done a great job. He's most stable out of the main casts. He doesn't have character development, but that's because he already had his life figured out while most of the character is trying to find their own identity (like Knives and Ramona). 

This chapter marks the beginning of a new arc. Minori, Sayuri's great-grand daughter is introduced. She first appeared back in chapter 9, telling the yokai gang where Reimei's house is. Now, both girls have appeared. You can ship all you want, but I still think Sayuri is the best.

Chapter 13.