Ake no Tobari Ch. 12

Nanaten here. I can't find any motivation to grade my students' assignments just as I don't have the motivation to translate WoG.

Currently, I'm working on my Indonesian cover for KonoSuba's ED theme, "Chiisana Boukensha". I just got the e-mail from Higgs Boson that the /a/ version is up (one month later). You can check it here (my voice is at 00:36).

The translated lyrics is done. All I have to do is to record my voice.

If you looked to your right, you will find a twitter widget. I put it there so you know what I'm up to. Maybe next I'll be making a fanpage, I guess?

Back to Ake no Tobari, in this chapter, the big bad is finally revealed. Human casts are starting to appear, and start of a new arc.