Ake no Tobari Ch. 2

Welcome to the second chapter of Dawn of Tobari. I have to admit, I cried every time I read this chapter. You will understand why.

One problem with this chapter is that Comico cuts the manga every 2000 pixel, so some were cut in weird places. I could just stitch them back together but that will be a hassle.

The chapter actually called 今宵幻 which literally translate "Tonight Vision". I decided to go for other translation phantom due to the chapter's theme of showing an illusion. It just felt romantic to me.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this, but this Phantom of The Night was actually a one-shot back in 2014. Due to high popularity, it became an official Comico release. There weren't any difference between the one-shot version and official version except for the length of course. In the official release, there are additional scenes that weren't in the original. You can check the original version here (Japanese).

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Edit (24/Jan/2017) ver. 2 can be read here.