Shura no Mon Vol. 6 Ch. 20

Great, now everyone's gonna vote for Shura no Mon even more. I guess everyone just like it more.... Like 59% of the tally is Shura no Mon.

Anyway, I've been posting new chapter for three days straight now. I wonder if I can do this for the rest of the week. Thanks to that, I'll probably won't feel sunlight for the rest of the week.

I've finally change my scanlator name in Batoto into "Citrus Project" though the url is still referring to my LiveJournal instead of this blog. I wonder if I should change that as well. But since this blog is where I put all my random stuff, I guess a shouldn't change it. (Then again, so does my LiveJournal)

Random advertisement: because I haven't been outside for three days now, I'm running out of food (and money). I've been eating rice and soup for three days. It delicious, but it's not fulfilling. So please donate so I can save money on internet bills and finally buy a microphone to record my new album.... (Jokes aside, I really need money right now. Please donate!)

Random stuff: I've finally stopped at being addicted to Nico Nico Medley. I'm still listening to it though, but not just as much. Well... you get the idea.