Kaiouki Vol. 7 Ch. 22

So, do you like the new look of my blog? Or did it burn your eyes? I'm sorry if it blinds you.

Anyway, my OCD kicks in when I see no one still doing this chapter. I mean it's the only chapter left on volume 7. So I decided to do it. It only took 6 hours because there's not much dialogue and I have the localized version on my PC. Yes, I know it's terrible of me, but I do it because it's practical. I'll definetely going to buy my own copy (second handed though. Unfortunately, the only second handed manga shop I know closed recently and they sold out all of their manga. I was too late. DAMMIT!!!).

Random stuff: I found myself getting hooked on Nico Nico Kumikyoku songs. I just love how something chaotic can become something fun and interesting. So I decided on making a choir song for this year's Hetalia Day (we still deciding on the song). If I found an instrumental version of Identity by Sacra (Shura no Toki OP), let's do a "Citrus Project sings Identity". I wonder if someone would make it (I asked my friends for it but they are too busy).

Oh, by the way, colored illustration is from Kaiouki Guidebook (I wish someone would cosplay as Fan).