Shura no Mon Iden: Fudekage Vol. 7 Ch. 21

Sorry I’m late. My PC has an issue again, so I have to redo the last seven pages on my recently fixed laptop.

About my review of Kyoko Okitegami’s memo. Don’t worry; I wasn’t planning on translating that series. If no one is translating that by the time the next issue comes up and you asked for it, I’ll consider it. I’ll probably going to do more of this kind of review. Who knows?

Anyway now that I have finished volume 7, I’m gonna work on volume 8 all at once. So there might not be any Fudekage chapter for at least three weeks. With 233 pages to tackle, it’s going to take a while. But don’t worry, in the meantime, I’ll post more random stuff and probably Shura no Toki volume 8.

Random stuff: for the past year I’ve been thinking about the logo for Citrus Project but I can’t come up with anything. I ask someone I know working on visual design last year and I still haven’t heard of him. And then I turn to my best friend (yes, I have one too) but he only came up with an Apple logo rip-off (Seriously, dude? That doesn’t even look like an orange.). Maybe I should come up with a logo design contest. Though I can’t come up with a prize. What do you think? Leave your comments below!

Other news: Google has revoked my Google Adsense account. But before that, for some reason, ads won’t even show up in the first place. Maybe because of the ads, my visitor count has been going down. It’s just that it makes me think no one cares about the series anymore or me (What a horrible reason of me to doing this for money and fame....). Maybe I should change my upload policy from 24 hours to 48 hours or maybe even a week. Just kidding! 

About that poll I’ve been talking for the last couple of months... I’m gonna put the poll on the next post. You’ve seen the candidates. I’ll only going to pick one because if I do three series at once, I’ll probably going to overwork myself again and have yet another bad case of diarrhea. 

Other random stuff: This week I decided to watch Masaki Kajishima’s hentai anime, Masquerade (I watch it for the story, okay?). I already saw Agga Rutter this January (yup, it was hilarious). It was surprisingly deep. I never thought I would care for characters of a hentai anime. I’m gonna write a review about that next week because I’m gonna watch it again (Teacher is the best woman)!