Shura no Toki Vol. 4 Part 3

Well, that's the end of Shura no Toki: Western Arc. Go read Shura no Mon volume 21 to see what happens to Nilchii. (I tried my best not to cry at that scene where Nilchii hug Azuma.... Oops! Spoiler alert!)
Now I'm gonna go and read this arc again, pay for my overdue rental mangas, and completely ignoring Fudekage.
Just kidding! My finals are already over this Wednesday, so I'm working on it. There's only 28 pages left for the latest chapter (or 157 for the entire volume). So i'll probably done by this weekend. Compared to translating Fudekage, Shura no Toki is actually way easier because I have the localized version ready to rent out. As you can see, I have no idea what I'm doing. So I'm currently studying to read kanji (thanks, Kanji Damage! Now I know how to write the kanji for rape!).

So, next arc: Minamoto no Yoshitsune arc (Volume 7-10)
Coming in July. I'm gonna release Fudekage volume 6 first.

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