Shura no Toki Vol. 4 Part 1

With just one final to go and there are many good responses (actually just one) on my translation on Shura no Toki volume 13 Ura, I'm considering of translating Shura no Toki paralelling with Fudekage.

I asked my regular manga rental place to get the entire Shura no Mon and Shura no Toki manga (including the bootlegged Dai ni Mon). So I can translate this without any issue!

For now I'm gonna start with volume 4, staring Azuma, Izumi's (third arc in the anime's protagonist) little brother. He was mentioned briefly at the last episode of the anime.
This arc sets three years after the events of Izumi's arc in the wild west. I chose this arc to translate for verious reasons:

  1. It's the shortest arc in the entire series
  2. Directly related to the plot of the main series (there's even a cameo)
  3. It's the funniest yet saddest arc (well second saddest with the first one being Kichi's arc). I've read this arc several times and I think it's the greatest Shura no Toki's arc.
  4. It sets in the f*cking Wild West!!! With guns and sh*t!!!
So, while you wait for latest Fudekage chapter, here's part one of Shura no Toki: Western Arc! (by the way, that US version cover is a fake. Probably a joke by Kodansha)