It's been a while

 Nanaten here wishing everyone a happy (belated) Turkey Day. Now time to sing Padoru for the next 30 days:

How have you guys been? I can't believe it's been three months since the last update. A lot has and hasn't changed since then. So why don't we catch up?

I was depressed

You know how one bad day can just send you to a deep end? One particular day back in October, I took L's after L's. In the span of twenty four hours, I: had the worst experience at a local DMV, lost my dad's money, my job application didn't fall through because of weird technicality, my gacha pull was a dud, and my stream got copyrighted. All those (and more) happened on a single day and I just couldn't handle it. The next couple of days, I just stared at my bedroom ceiling. I thought I could pull through, but the thing about grief is that it comes in waves. Just when I thought I got out of it, another wave crashes through. Next thing I know, I was shedding a tear while watching a Drawfee compilation.

During that period I had this constant pressure from everyone around me. Streaming was my only creative outlet. But I see that streaming on youtube lead to nowhere. Which leads to the second headline:

I'm on Twitch

I guess this is old news by this point: Twitch announced that they finally allows simulstream to other platforms. So I thought, why the heck not? I'd considered streaming on twitch, but I couldn't just leave my (almost nonexistent) audience on youtube. This simulcast allows me to gain more followers on twitch, while still making content on youtube. And, since I'm simulcasting, the VODs goes straight to youtube. No fuss no muss.

So yeah, I stream at least once every weekend. I play games, discuss manga, and work on my manga translation there. If you wanna say hi, just go to and I'll see you there.

A bunch of covers

During that depression period, one of my creative outlet besides straming was singing. And there was one song that actually got me through that experience: the ending theme of "Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence," 『Tokosiesta』 by Sasanomaly. I haven't watched the anime. The song just landed on my youtube feed, and I just fell in love with it.

I did another Sasanomaly cover a month prior, and people seem to like it. One comment actually suggested me to do more. So I did.

And here's another cover of Yukopi's meme song:

Funny thing: so a Youtaite named Kai host a monthly watch party called Youtaite Rewind where people send their covers they uploaded that given month to listen to. During September and October, I send the Sasanomaly covers and both times the songs got the stream content claimed and blocked worldwide. While people seem to enjoy the covers, I am sincerely sorry that the VODs got blocked.

New Patreon Credit Page

Gone are the monthly patreon shoutout in this blog. All of the Patreon shout-out are now done in a credit page in the download zip files. I took some inspiration (if not entirely ripping off) Souseki scans patreon shoutout page. So if you guys wanna check it out, you can download the zip files, or read the chapters on mangadex.

Okay, now that you've all caught up with the going-ons in the past three months, you may proceed with the chapter. I still wanna talk more about the lower back pain I'm currently suffering at the moment of writing this post, but the pain prevents me from elaborating any further. So, let me know if you find any error or mistake in the chapter in the comments below. I'll see you next week.

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