Ake no Tobari Ch. 282-283

 Nanaten here, feeling tired most of the week, but nonetheless very excited. That is until I heard about the devastating wildfire raging in Maui. My good friend and fellow Vtuber Cooky Usagida lives in Hawaii and some of her friends actually live in Maui. So I just wanna help spread the words. Luckily, @chiliflakess created a thread on mutual aid sites to help with the donation and relief. Please consider donating!


Now on to the stuff I've been doing this week. This week, I participated in Makassar Creative Expo J-Karaoke contest as my Vtuber persona. I asked the organizers if I can join as a Vtuber, and they said yes. I had to pre-record my performance, which I ripped from my birthday concert. From the clip my friend sent me, it went very well. I also received a wonderful news early this week. I'm doing a massive project and it will come out in December. If it goes well, it could change the trajectory of my Vtubing.

Other random stuff: This week, Manga Mogura leaked of a news about anime adaptation of Haigakura, a manga by Takayama Shinobu (Amatsuki). I've been a fan of Takayama Shinobu's works since back in highschool. And I love Haigakura. One of my early cosplay was the main character from the manga. I still have the costume in my brother's place. It's still hasn't been officially announce yet, but I'm still excited nonetheless. This news actually carried me all week.

Speaking of anime adaptations: the first teaser trailer for Sengoku Youko just dropped and, ho boy, am I extra hyped. I talked on stream about how I'm a Mizukami Satoshi fan and how excited I was back when they announced Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer anime. And like most Mizukami fan, how disappointed I was when the anime came out. I couldn't even finish the anime. But seeing the teaser trailer for Sengoku Youko made me hopeful of the adaptation. And the fact that White Fox studio is adapting the entire manga over the course of 3 cours gets me even hyper.

I still remember the night I read the final chapter of Sengoku Youko. Me and my friends were organizing an English Language camp and we had a talent show that night. I was just sitting in the back of the stage reading the live TL session at 4chan. Each refresh, a new page got translated. And when the final page where the characters said goodbye to the readers, I look around to the people at the camp, and just take in the scenery. That moment, of saying goodbye to the world and characters you've been following for years, and their journey. Just appreciating that moment and that feeling of being surrounded by the things that you love. I think that's how I'm going to feel when I finally finish translating Ake no Tobari.

So here are the chapters. As usual, let me know in the comments if you find any error or mistakes in the chapter, or just hit me up on my discord server. See you later.

Ake no Tobari 282: Read Online | Download
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