Illbeck Epilogue (+crossover chapter) & Ake no Tobari Ch. 280-281

 Nanaten here. Again, been so busy with my Birthday celebration that I forgot everything else. I was supposed to record a bunch of skits for the birthday concert, but I got a call at literally 6 am this morning by my dad to go help with the corn harvest and it is now 11:38pm. The concert is in 6 days and I still need to clean up the motion capture animations.

Oh, for those who hasn't seen my twitter or my patreon posts: yeah so my birthday is coming up in a week, and to celebrate, I'm going to do a virtual birthday concert thing on my youtube channel. I have so many things done leading up to it, so let me give you guys a rundown.

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For the past couple of months, I've been really interested in making A.I. covers. At first, I only make an A.I. model of myself so that I can save time recording a cover. But then I started to make A.I. models of my friends (with their permission, of course). The idea is that I would use these A.I. covers for the birthday concert. I did a stream where I showcased some of the A.I. covers I'll be using for the concert. So here's a preview of one of the songs:

I've been trying to do a cover of Daybreak Frontline for years now, but I could never get the vocal timing right, even with the Mwk remix which was a slow ballad. Thankfully, with the help of a.i. I can do a cover of the song. Working on this cover also sent me down to a SynthV rabbit hole. Long story short, Genbu is now my husbando (jk).

As an equal measure, I posted a second a.i. cover
Fun fact: this is actually the first A.I. cover I worked on. It was meant to be a.i. model showcase for me and my friend, Cooky Usagida. This was posted a while later because of the motion capture and video editing. For the motion capture, I used XR Animator that allows me to capture motion using my camera and export it in VMD format. The program also supports mixamo motion, so I combined both motions together and this is the final results.

There's actually a third a.i. cover video I just made last night. But the video won't be available for public until I received the permission from an artist whose illustration I use for the video. But, the private link to the video is available on my discord server.

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So, yeah, so excited for the birthday event. Again, the concert will be broadcasted on my youtube channel. Probably going to do a watchalong stream as well on discord. Can't wait to talk to you guys there! And oh, here's the thumbnail illustration for the concert. Shoutout to @takahiro_abd for the illustration.

Wow, we're finally reach the end of Illbeck no Seireijutsushi, this time for real. The manga started as a side story for Corseltel when the series took a year break.  The baby dragons always yearned for a big adventure, but they are still too small to do such thing. All their adventures are only confined within their house. In CnR-KM, the scope of their adventure increases to the entire Corseltel, but it's still pretty small.
The spin-off really expands the world of Corseltel by showing the life outside of it. The story feels more grand in perspective. We get to see some of the countries the dragon mages originated from, and experience their culture. And I'm glad to be the one to finish this spin-off series.

That being said, Cleria's, Etwass's, and Bica's adventure isn't over yet. We'll see them again in future volumes of Corseltel. Volume 6 of CnR-KM covers the events of Illbeck from the perspective of the dragon mages, after all. And we do have a bonus crossover chapter included here that ties both stories together nicely. So look forward to that.
Anyway, I talked long enough. Here are the chapters. As usual, let me know if you find any error or mistakes in the comments or hit me up on discord (that's the last discord plug, promise)

Illbeck no Seireijutsushi Epilogue: Read Online | Download
Corseltel x Illbeck Crossover Booklet: Read Online | Download 

Ake no Tobari Chapter 280: Read Online | Download
Ake no Tobari Chapter 281: Read Online | Download 

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