Illbeck Finale & Ake no Tobari Ch. 276-279

 Nanaten here. I've been experiencing a bunch L's this past couple of weeks that I almost lost my entire drive and replacing them left a dent on my financial situation. So let's start my rant from the top.

It all began during a Dokapon Kingdom Connect colab stream I did with Kiyosen, Sergent, and Stef earlier this month:

We've been planning this colab ever since the game was announced. Kiyosen even ordered some equipment so I can play on his switch remotely. The preparation was going great, until I discovered something. Two days before the colab stream, I found that termites have been eating away my cabinet that I also use as a PC workstation. The damage was so bad, it took out 30% of the cabinet. I had to make emergency repair for the colab stream. (sidenote: I fell down the stairs the day before the stream and landed on my hip, so add that to the L count)

 The colab stream had a rocky start. We had to deal with tech issues like setting up the obs ninja for everyone, and connecting the switches. But after we started the game, it was a smooth sailing. Around 40 minutes into the stream, my father comes into my room with insecticide spray, spraying insecticide all over my room with me still inside mid-streaming. Luckily, the insecticide didn't get inside my water tumbler. As for the game itself, we lost to Sergent and I got a prison tattoo.

After the stream, I sprayed my room with the rest of the insecticide. Of course, I took my electronics out of the room before I did it. My room was soaked with insecticide and some of them actually got to my skin (that's what I get for spraying insecticide without gloves). Anyway, after everything was done I put all of my equipment back and tried to turn on my PC. Everything was fine.

Next day however, as I tried to download the VOD off youtube, I noticed that my computer was running very slow and the footage just won't download. I tried a couple of times until my computer suddenly froze and gave me a bunch crashes. I restarted my computer and suddenly my entire drive partition just disappeared from the system. I took it to a shop to check on the HDD, and they couldn't detect the partition on their setup. I had a major panic attack, because it's a 2TB hdd and all of my streaming assets was in there. Luckily that week, I was planning on upgrading my laptop's SSD. So out of panic, I put an additional purchase of a new HDD. I slightly went down on a SSD/HDD rabbit hole on what I should get and said screw it and get an RX7 1TB SSD (the cheapest one on the market) for the laptop, and WD Blue 4TB HDD to replace the 2TB HDD (there goes my CPU upgrade budget). While waiting for the SSD and HDD to arrive, I tested my PC again. Turns out it wasn't the HDD that caused my pc to freeze, it was the OS SSD. So I had to make ANOTHER SSD purchase on top of the other orders. And because I wasn't paying attention, I purchased Adata SU650 that doesn't have a DRAM, so that's another L. 

Anyway, It wasn't until last Sunday, all of them arrived. So I cloned my PC SSD first because I wanted to check on the original HDD to see if my data was actually salvageable. After the os was cloned to new SSD, I plugged my HDD and the partitions still weren't there. Then I had a realization. I went to disk management and turns out, the partitions were still there. They're just wasn't assigned with a drive letter. Unfortunately, the readings of the HDD on crystal disk info shows caution, so that still justifies my HDD purchase. Everything was fine and dandy, that is, until the next day.

So I backed up that HDD to my new drive, reformatted my old drive and put the original files back to the drive (the crystal disk info still shows uncorrectable sector despite everything). And I was ready to put both drives into my current setup. Then, I tried to boot the PC and I get an A2 error and it won't boot. This time it's the NEW HDD that has the problem. The drive is still usable if I plug it after the windows boots, it just gives me the A2 error when I boot it with the drive still plugged in. I tried resetting my CMOS, changing the SATA cable, changing the port, but it keeps giving the the A2 error. So I contacted the seller and they said they can take a look at it but then I would have to send the HDD to the store which means I will going to take another 2 weeks AND additional delivery costs to the store. Right now the new drive is sitting next to my PC because I couldn't afford the delivery cost because all that purchase left my wallet empty.

Anyway, sorry for that rant. I feel a lot better now. The drives actually come with warranty, it's just the shipping cost to claim that warranty that annoys me. Here's an MMD dance video to cool off.

I'll save my thoughts on Illbeck finale when I finished the epilogue on tonight's stream.

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