CnR-KM Ch. 33

 Nanaten here. I just came back from a 6 hour Dokapon Up stream. Note to self: take occasional breaks when stream. Cuz like after hour 3, my mind was all static. I mean look, I start writing the way I would talk during my stream.

Here's the archive, now I'm just waiting for Kiyosen to make his own clips of his own end:

Nevertheless, I had a blast. I only notice this recently, I get more loose and casual in the way I talk around 3PM,  after a long day of work. Maybe it's finding the groove thing or just complete exhaustion. If given the chance (or reaching a major milestone) I would like to try doing a 12 hour sub-a-thon.

Anyway, I am completely exhausted. I woke up  at 3AM this morning because my mom's kittens were playing around my futon. I couldn't get back to sleep and I was supposed to give my mom a ride home from the mountain cabin at 5AM. One hour of riding on my scooter later, it's 06:15 AM and I had an aerobic session at 06:30. I arrive at the aerobic site, the trainer came in late, like, an hour late. So we only started the aerobic at 07:40. I couldn't do the whole session because I have to get ready for the Dokapon Up stream at 09:00.

A week earlier, Kiyosen and I had a discussion on the time we should do the stream, because he lives in East Coast. Luckly it's only 12 hour difference, so we're good on that end. The thing is, it's almost holidays today was the only day we're both available, so we had this idea of doing the whole Dokapon session in one sitting. What we didn't expect was that it would take 6 frickin hours. And apparently, Kiyosen only do these long sessions with me, because I'm already familiar with Dokapon series (and the fact that our last collab session also took 6 hours over 2 days). But we still had a wonderful time, albeit we are both ended up exhausted.

Speaking of something that lasted 5+ hours, has anyone watched Ludwig's Chessboxing event this week? I watched the stream archive, and I must admit, it's pretty hype. I think I can understand my dad's obsession with boxing now to the point that I can forgive him for interrupting my Sunday morning animes for boxing matches when I was a kid. Now, if only I can channel that hype to completing Shura no Mon...

Anyway, here's the chapter. As usual, let me know if you find a mistake or any error. Next week (hopefully), will be a Tobari update.

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