Ake no Tobari Ch. 261-262 + CnRKM Ch. 32

 Nanaten here. So on the last update, I mentioned about finally getting a GPU and how excited I was on finally upgrading my setup. Well, here's how it went:

The GPU arrived the following Monday. I was at work, so they had to leave the package at my neighbors'. After work, I finally received the package. I opened it up, and it's RX 6650 XT. At last, after many failed attempts of saving up, I finally got a GPU. The box only came with the sealed GPU and 2-year warranty, no free games or anything.

5 PM. The GPU was unboxed and ready to install. But before that, I need to clean my CPU. It's been a while since I cleaned it after all. Dusts have accumulated (among other things). Just basic dusting, nothing much. I grabbed my makeup brush as it's the only soft brush I got and started dusting. 30 minutes later and my PC is clean (relatively). It is time to install the GPU.

Luckily, I asked my brother on how to attach a GPU to a motherboard, so there was no issue there. I slide the GPU to its slot. I heard a click. Then I plug the power supply pins. It required 8 pins, which I had found the correct cable and pins from the power supply. I also fixed the USB ports that got unplugged during moving. Then came the booting. I was absolutely nervous. All sorts of anxieties ran through my head. What if my PC doesn't boot? What if the GPU was faulty? What if I accidentally bricked my own setup? With full determination, I pressed the power button.

I saw my motherboard light up, followed by the GPU. I was relieved. I didn't mess up. My heart was racing. The screen showed past the booting screen and into the welcome screen. And then I noticed something. One of the GPU fans stopped spinning. The gpu still lit up. Anxious, I called my brother. I asked if there's something wrong. He said, "It's probably nothing. Have you installed the driver yet?" I tried to reach for the radeon software. Suddenly my PC turned off, giving me a mini heart attack. I booted up my PC again. As I was reaching to open my google chrome, it turned off again.

My brother and I are perplexed. So we checked every component. That was the moment we realized: my PSU only has 450W. RX 6650 XT requires minimum power of 600W. We messed up. I forgot to check my current power supply and budgeted the whole thing around the GPU.

So now I'm sitting in my room with my new GPU, and I can't even use it unless I upgrade my power supply as well. I spent all my money on that GPU. I even had to ask my brother for money to cover some of the costs. This whole ordeal left me feeling depressed. I had so many plans and ideas and streams I wanted to do for when I got my GPU. It's the whole feeling of "So close, yet so far away."

So here we are again. If you guys wish to help me with my situation, please consider donating through my Ko-fi page or through PayPal (links at the sidebar). My PC setup situation had gotten so bad, I couldn't even do a regular stream without risking a blue screen every time. I seriously need your help.

Anyway, that's the end of my 5 minute plea. I hope you have a wonderful time reading these chapters. And I'll see you one I'm emotionally recovered from this whole ordeal.

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Ake no Tobari Ch. 261: Read Online | Download
Ake no Tobari Ch. 262: Read Online | Download

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