Ashura Vol. 12 Ch. 44

Nanaten here coming from Eid Mubarak vacation only to be send for an anti-drug-youth-organization cadre training for a week. During that time, my baby cousin is staying-over-slash-got-left-behind-at-our-house. He's been using my computer playing games and watching minecraft videos. He was so absorbed the entire time, I practically couldn't find time to translate at all. I had to take a 6 hour road trip to the city away from my family, just so I can get to my brother's computer just to write this post.

Watching my baby cousin watching minecraft videos made me realize how cringe most minecraft youtubers are. I kept thinking "Is this why people don't watch my minecraft videos? Because I didn't act this cringe enough?" I do appreciate it from the editing and storytelling point, but the way the delivery just doesn't sit well with me.

So recently I've been trying to get him watch anything else. First it was Boboboi, because he was born and raised in Malaysia. But I think because of that, he's seen most of the episodes and he got bored (On the sidenote: I'm starting to see the appeal of the show after watching the opening theme.) Then I tried to get him to watch some Tokusatsu show. He then mentioned about the Upin Ipin Ultraman crossover, so I had the idea to watch Ultraman Tiga together. Then I realized, I've never seen the first episode of any Ultraman shows. As a child, I've always wondered where the Ultramen came from and why it kept choosing these fighter jet pilot guys (are the recent Ultraman MCs still pilots? idk.) Basically all I'm saying is that I was more absorbed on the show than he is.

During my cadre training, I bought a stylus for my phone to use as drawing practice. Needless to say, I spent my entire training period drawing instead of listening to the training materials. I drew a fanart of my favorite Japanese Vtuber, Cobablue, who by the way is one of my major influence in making Vtuber content.

I drew the fanart as a practice for the stylus. It was originally going to be a self portrait, but I've always wanted to make a Cobablue fanart to show my appreciation and also for inspiring me as a Vtuber. You can go to the twitter thread to see his reaction and a timelapse video of the art.

About this chapter: there's a page of celebrity cameos in this chapter that initially drew me off from this arc when I first read it years ago. My reaction was, "Really? Out of all 80's Hollywood celebrities you can choose and you picked these two? Nothing against them, but do they even watch boxing matches?"

So anyway, here's the chapter. You know the rules: drop a comment on if you find any error or mistake (actually, just comment in general.)  Next week is Tobari update.

Tsukumo and his merry fights chapter 44:
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