CnR-KM Vol. 4 Ch. 27

Nanaten here. I have mentioned this in my Patreon post, but I can't help but to notice how I have different openings for each platform, except for patreon. Like for blog post, I would say "Nanaten here", or during stream I would say "Helloooo aaand welcome to the stream." I tried to say "Nanaten here" for a video or a stream before but it just didn't sit well with me.

I am currently having a mild cold because of the changing temperature and humidity. Like during the day, it would be a scorching 31 degrees and at night it would be raining at 26 degrees. My cold symptom wasn't that bad, so I only took half dosage of cold medicine. It got me through the day, but I still got the runs, on both ends. I remember soiling myself while taking a morning leak because of that.

To pass the time while at work, I would play Trash Taste podcast. One of my former co-workers would sometimes played their clips at the office/my living room. I was a Connor fan when another friend recommended his voice acting audition process video, so I was already familiar with one third of the members. I started to get into trash taste after I moved and worked at my parents cornfield. I just put my (brother's) headset and played the podcast as I farm corn.

I also spending the week accessorizing my Vtuber avatar. I just grab a couple of MMD accessories and put it on my model. They're only light accessories, but they give my model a little bit of texture, for the lack of better term.

This week's video is a stream archive from last week. I did another Pokemon Smash or Pass, this time on Gen 3 Pokemons. Unfortunately, Amewa Takahashi couldn't join this time, so I had to ask another friend, ThePseudoIntellectual. Another unfortunate event, I was messing around with my OBS setting before the stream, which resulted in an absolute mess of a stream. The whole stream was compromised and deemed unusable. Luckily, ThePseudoIntellectual was also streaming, and he gave me his VOD to use for this video.

About this chapter: there was supposed to be a color opening pages courtesy of the magazine raws. Sadly, I didn't have time to procure them.

Anyway, here is the chapter. Let me know in the comments if you find any errors or mistakes. Next week will be Tobari update.

Corseltel no Ryujutsushi Koryumonogatari Chapter 27:
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