Ake no Tobari Chapter 239

 Nanaten here wishing everyone a happy Ramadhan. I said happy but I'm not really feeling it. I find myself in constant state of irritation lately. It's probably from being a 27 year old man who still living with his parents thing. I can't handle my parents constantly breathing on my neck.

Anyway, time for this week's videos. First one is a quick video I did for April fools day.

I actually shot this in my lab just before I clocked out for the week. I had to rely on my phone and my cousin's ring light, so the lighting wasn't the best thing. I wanted the video to have this high tech company reveal video vibe, but I would like to try for a Nintendo Direct style next time.

Second video is a lyric video of my buddy's, Sagashi Shitsuyo's, new track (I have nothing to do with this video, I just wanna give my buddy a shout-out):

I was translating Shura no Mon when this came out, so it was a perfect timing. No idea why the visual is that of a boxing match, but it's perfect regardless. I was really exhausted from real life stuff, so I was kinda vent out my frustration on this video, by coming up with Boxing puns in his comment section. So if you have time to listen to the track, give it a go. And comment a bunch of boxing puns.

I've pretty much set up my pc and a makeshift desk. It's a tv cabinet with a bracket for keyboard and mouse. All I need now is to get the wifi installed, which my dad has been postponing for quite a while now. I'm writing this post using my family data plan, which is draining absurdly quickly. So, yeah.

Anyway, I better wrap this up quick. Here is the chapter. Let me know if you find an error or mistake in the comments below. Next week is Shura no Mon update because I can't work on Ake no Tobari using my family data plan

Ake no Tobari Chapter 239:
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