Umakawa Vol. 4 Extra

Nanaten here. This is the extra epilogue from volume 4. If you watched my live reading a couple of months ago, you've read this chapter already. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed reading this series. That being said, this is not the end of the series. Miku Morinaga-sensei wrote a couple of extras on her twitter page that I will translate sometime in the future. I will also translate the first three chapters of Kimi no Koe starting in July (or sooner depending on the stream donations).

Now on to this week's videos. The first video is an ASMR origami stream that I tried (and failed spectacularly). I, a 26 year old man, failed at children origami. I already put a timestamps on the stream.

The second video is the 4th episode of my Sakura Wars Let's Play series. This video used to have a thumbnail, but Youtube deleted the thumbnail because it's too stimulating for their taste.

The third video is a stream of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. I was so excited to finally play this game. I missed the Beta test last month due to circumstances. So that stream was my first time back on PSO2 after a year. and just like when the NA server first launched back in 2019, a lot of problem rose from NGS launch day. Servers overloaded, lag in the entire server, heck Japanese players playing on original Japanese server couldn't even play without using a VPN. But it's good to be finally be playing with some of my old PSO2 buddies again. Even though I couldn't join them because of level difference and all that. 

Anyway, I was planning on doing Just Dance stream later tonight, but I'm probably going to play more PSO2 instead.

So here is the epilogue chapter. Next week will be a Kaiouki update.

Umakawa Epilogue:
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