Ake no Tobari Ch. 195 & Kaiouki Vol. 10 Ch. 31

 Nanaten here. I just spent the past couple of weeks visiting my parents and helping them harvesting crops. I don't think I can look at corn the same way for at least a month. But now I'm back, so yay.

And now for the obligatory stream archive. I did a stream before I went home where I played Friday Night Funkin. Adam, a member of Bonk's SMP decided to stop by and we played Minecraft together.

I had fun doing livestreaming, playing games, and discussing manga, and the fundraising stream went so well I have decided to make it a monthly thing. It's a good initiative to catch up on the other series as well. Also, the price of RX 570 had skyrocketed and they're out of stock (and that's just for the 4GB variant), so I may need to gather more funds. But the good news is, the construction in our house is finished, so my brother can take out his PC to our living room and I can use that to stream. Maybe I'll redirect the funds towards getting a Leap Motion Sensor. But the thing is, Leap Motion Sensor is super expensive because of the import tax, the price is almost as expensive as an RX570, so I might still going to need to gather more funds.

In the meantime I'll try to come up with more content for my channel. I am thinking of doing manga reviews about mangas that I really like. I just need to gather the strength to write the script. I'll also need to record songs for my Vtuber debut. I'm planning of doing a live recital in June at the recommendation of my vocal coach.

And oh, speaking of covers, I did a collab of Bad End Night series. I sang the Kaito part of the song.
Doing this cover was fun. Fun story time: Night series is actually how I got into the Youtaite community. It was 2016 and I was browsing through Casting Call and I saw an audition for Connecting collab by JokiDoki. I auditioned and I got it. Later, JokiDoki made another collab project for the Night series. I auditioned for Kaito and Gakupo because they're the only vocaloids that matched my range and I got the Kaito part for Ever Lasting Night. It was then I get to meet a bunch of cool people and joined the community as a full on Youtaite. Unfortunately both collabs were cancelled when Joki got evicted from her house and had to retire from youtaite scene. Cut to almost five years later, my singing has been improving as of late if only by a little and I finally managed to finish one Night Series collab. We plan to do the entire series and we're currently working on the second song of the series.

Anyway, here're the chapters. I don't have anything particular to say about the chapters because I typeset these a few weeks ago and the memory of that time has been replaced with corn.

Oh shoot, before I forget, I case you didn't read the announcement chapter, my tweet, or watching the stream archive above, Ake no Tobari is nominated for this year's "Manga We Want to See Animated" during Anime-Japan 2021. The voting period has closed by now, so it's a bit irrelevant, but I still had to write it here. They will announce the result during the event. Not sure if it'll be streamed for free or not, but I hope Ake no Tobari got some recognition at least.

I'm taking a break next week to work on the final chapter of Umakawa and other manga for the next fundraising stream.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 195:
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Kaiouki Volume 10 Chapter 31:
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