Ake no Tobari Ch. 173

Nanaten here. Sorry for the late update. I was watching entire first part of Lucifer season 5. I really enjoyed the new dynamics present in this season. I must say, first part really sets up the season arc for the characters well. I can't wait for the second part and final season.

On the same note, I also spent the week watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix for some reason. I'm currently halfway on season 2 where they introduced Izzie's love interest. Watching this show is fun in retrospect knowing how most of the main characters are going to die. Like John Oliver said, "You can hire people pretending to be doctors in Grey's anatomy and still get less mortality rate. YOU WORKED IN A HOSPITAL!"

This week's video: A couple of months ago I purchased a game bundle on itch.io with over a hundred indie games. So I took one of the games and played it with my friends. Unfortunately, our discord connection was poor, so my friends can't see anything on my screen share.

About this chapter: in this chapter, Tobari and Reimei are giving an introspective view of their partnership. I really hope that my translation can convey their perspective in a very subtle way. Because what I realized when I latest Japanese raws is that how this chapter reflects that subtlety (trust me, this will make sense eventually). This chapter also shows how much the character has grown and hints on their upcoming stories, what direction will they take from this point forward: Tobari has finally grown to show his responsibility to lead and manage his subordinates while also relying on them and Reimei decides on his focus to become someone worthy to be Tobari's protector. There's also the opening bit about Iwao which sets up his oncoming arc. I really can't wait to get to that part. In the meantime, enjoy these peaceful few chapters (or chapter, singular, I was too caught up on Grey's Anatomy to translate the following chapters).

So here is the chapter. I haven't finished the next chapter yet, so no update next week.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 173:
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