Corseltel no Ryujutsushi Koryu Monogatari Vol. 2 Ch. 13

Nanaten here jamming to the tune of Cher's "Believe" thanks to the recent Eurovision movie. Have you guys seen it? It was way better than what I expected from the trailer. I highly recommend it.

This week's video: Wawal, a member of my Citrus Project music group recently uploaded a cover of Seven Deadly Sins opening theme on youtube:

He recorded this in my room a couple of years ago (you might notice the layout of the room from my old covers). It's one of the recordings I lost from the HDD incident. He still have unmixed version of the cover he uploaded on facebook, so he decided to upload it on youtube. If you have the time before reading this chapter, please listen to his cover and leave a comment there telling that I send you.

A little update on Kimi no Koe: the first chapter came out this week. Unfortunately, the Gene LINE website is actually region locked, including the LINE Comic app. So I still haven't read it yet. I could ask one of my friends who lives in Japan to rip the chapter for me, but that would be a major felony because of the recent anti piracy law in Japan. So I will probably have to wait until the first volume comes out, or until someone else give the rips to me. I wish I have a VPN account.

About this chapter: this is the first chapter I worked on my brother's computer set alongside Umakawa. I meant this chapter to be released at the same time as last week's release, if it weren't for an accident that happened a few days before. So I finished on working this chapter and I put the data in my flash drive. I went to sleep, flash drive still plugged in to my brother's pc. Two days later, I was about to work on chapter 14 of CnRKM and the flash drive was unplugged. I asked my cousin, who borrowed it the night before. He said it was next to the CPU. I grabbed the thumb drive, plugged it into the USB port, and I found the whole thumb drive empty, replaced with a Windows 10 multiboot program. My cousin had formatted the whole thumb drive the night before, without backing up the data, and he did all that without asking me. I'm still upset remembering that incident.

Luckily I had backed up half the chapter beforehand, so it's not really a big deal. But the thing that still upsets me is that he did that without confirming it to me first. I have never find myself feeling this devastated about a thing a member of my family did. My sister did the same thing a couple of years before. She also wiped my thumb drive which contains my recordings, unfinished lyrics, and so on. But this time, I can still feel the rage boiling inside of me. It's barely simmering, but it's there.

Anyway enough about that, let's talk about what actually happens in this chapter. So Milleu's little sister makes her debut this chapter. She have been mentioned a couple of times in CnRM volume 8 and she is mentioned again in Illbeck manga (the latter is set after this chapter so that's a given). A little note: Fuana refers to herself in third person as Funa, so in case if you're wondering if it's a typo, it's not. There's also a couple of bit in this chapter that's very important to the lore of the series, I had to double check my translation so I didn't make a mistake (which I still can't guarantee, there're some bits I still don't get).

So here's my long-winded talk this week. Let me know in the comments if you find any error or mistake in the chapter. Next week will be a Tobari update.

Corseltel no Ryujutushi Koryu Monogatari Chapter 13:
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