CnRKM Vol. 2 Ch, 11 & CnRM Booklet June 2006

Nanaten here. My brother had recently subscribed to Netflix and I've been spending the days watching comedy specials I couldn't torrent. I recently just finished Middledich and Schwartz. It's really funny. I wish I could improv. I tried it once for an audition a couple years ago. I forgot about the "Yes and..." part and completely botched my audition.

This week's video: me and a couple of Melon-nin friends did a cover of Kingdom Hearts 3

We've been working on this cover since the release of the game. I was in charge of the motion graphics for the video. And as you know, because of the HDD crash of 2019, I couldn't work on the video until a few weeks ago. We worked really hard on this cover, especially Ruby. This is my last cover that I do with the Melon-nins as we are disbanding. So please click on the video and leave a comment for Ruby telling her that I send you with lots of love. Thank you.

A big thing that happened this week: Patreon just announced that they will be implementing another sales tax on their pledges. As you probably suspected, that means there will be less income for me. If you wish to quit supporting me through Patreon because of this, I am not stopping you. For those who wish to keep supporting me, I suggest to use other platforms such as donations and Ko-fi. Links are in the sidebar.

Random stuff: I finally convinced my sister to watch Community. But for some reason, they cut a bunch of stuff in the pilot episode. It probably had something to do with my sister's profile account/watch list. It's a shame though, because thanks to that she thought the pilot was bland. I did managed to convinced to keep watching, so that's nice. I am also very excited for the table read featuring the entire casts next week. I guess the movie is finally happening.

About these chapters: sometimes I feel like to align the release of my translated series to fit a certain theme. And for some reason, it happens more often with Corseltel. So this time we have another two Corseltel release. One is another booklet released in June 2006 and the other is Koryu Monogatari. Similar to previous release, the booklet actually contains two parts: one is a Q&A, only this time featured previous generation's trainee dragons, and the other is a short story. And just like previous booklet, the Q&A was re-released as an omake for Koryu Monogatari volume 2, so I skipped that again. I suggest to read the short story first before reading Koryu Monogatari chapter for continuity sake.

I looked up the booklets a couple of months ago and I was shoked to find that it costs 4000 yen a piece at Japanese online shops. I am thankful to Purple Candy for being an avid Corseltel fan and uploading those materials.

So here are the chapters. Next week will be the return of T&T update.

Corseltel no Ryujutsushi Monogatari Booklet 2:
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Corseltel no Ryujutsushi Koryu Monogatari Chapter 11:
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